Monday, June 7, 2010

The Regulatory Council of Guarantee of Origin Valdeorras presented in Compostela the 2009 harvest. The event was held at the Hostal de los Reyes Católicos, and was attended by over 400 professionals from the fields of hotels, restaurants, specialized press, assessors and, in general, aware of the Galician wines. The chairman of the Regulatory Council, José Luis García Pando, welcomed by a large host of this event, held in Santiago for the third consecutive year.

During the presentation, García Pando defined the 2009 harvest as "excellent quality though not abundant, given the specific climatic conditions that affected the Galician Community in the last year. However, the president of the Regulatory Council said it was "very happy" with the evolution of Valdeorras wines in recent years, remembering that this is a G.O. which already has a widely recognized quality standards, "sometimes even beyond our borders than in the domestic market."

José Luis García Pando forward them to the attendees at the event that the next October, the Regulatory Council will make a presentation of the wines in New York, a market, offering American, said, "a great business prospects" . In this sense, also stressed that "the development of exports is very positive and compensates for the national market crisis." The crisis, in any case is not affecting too much of the appellation, according to the president, but if you notice more difficulties in distribution.

For its part, the technical director, Jorge Mazaira, defined the 2009 harvest as "Atlantic", the degree of acidity and freshness to present their white wines, and "high quality." In what respects the said red aromas "fresh fruit" and, in both cases, "wines kept in perfect conditions due endure three to four years in the bottle without losing anything of their qualities."

Twenty wineries benefit from the G.O. were responsible for filing more than sixty marks of white, red and ripe red barrel tasting by themselves commented by winemakers.
With this public presentation, the G.O. Valdeorras would make known in the capital of Galicia wines from this region of the northeastern province of Ourense, you schedule a second presentation of the harvest next June in Vigo.

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