Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Three wines of Valdeorras receive medals in the World Cotest of Brussels

Once failed the 2010 Brussels World Competition, the world championship of tasting nearly 7,000 wines and spirits participants worldwide and endorsed by seventeen years of experience, the quality of designations of origin Ourense, as three of They won important awards by achieving nine medals: two gold and seven silver.

Wines from Ribeiro, Valdeorras and thus contributed Monterrei that Spain continues to occupy a prestigious second place in terms of number of awards received in the well known and reputable event year, involving 275 professional tasters this year in Palermo, but the first as the country's largest gold medals from Brussels World Competition, seventeen against the sixteen year ago.

Two of them were for Costeira Treixadura 2009 Collection of the Cooperative Wine O Pazo Ribeiro and also for Marin 2009 Pazo Blanco Blanco Núñez SL Monterrei, the denomination's youngest province.

The remaining seven silver medals for wines obtained ourensanos Valdeorras were divided into three, for Bioca Godello 2009, Guitián Sobre Lías 2008 Viñaredo Barrica Selección Godello 2007, Ribeiro to Adega do Beade Moucho 208 and 2009 and White Supremacy Monterrei. In this case fell to Alma de Blanco Godello 2009 and Fifth des Tapias Blanco 2009.

The Brussels World Competition is also the first event which established a control, a posteriori, the award-winning wines to ensure the legitimacy of their results. After each issue of the appointment, an independent laboratory analyzed chemically an important selection of the winning samples and a team of winemakers tasting the bottles sent anonymously purchased compared with other points of sale, recognizes the contest itself, which gives more value the winners.

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