Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Petín film people

On the banks of the Sil and settled in the "New Way" of the Romans, Petín history is closely linked to a cultural melting pot that has marked its imprint on the population and territory, giving the place an enormous cultural wealth.

The bucolic beauty of this place looks pulled her major film directors such as "Chano" Piñeiro and Ignacio Villar and that found expression in his work the spirit of the people Petín. Also various musical groups as "UFO" or "Luar na Lubre" have managed to drink from this source of inspiration that is the region Valdeorresa.

The wine of this area is clear proof of the conjunction of history with the spirit of its people.Appearing as a handsome and robust wine yet soft in the hospitality and treatment. All identifying a quality seal that combines into perspective the most ancient traditions with modern processes to give the wines of this region of incomparable quality.

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