Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Álava appreciated Valdeorras white wines

In the acts for the Enolia II Hall , held at the Museum Artium of Alava, yesterday held a tasting paired, which Valdeorras, Rueda and the Alava´s Rioja  had much to say.

In this great travel who make the wines of the DO Valdeorras, and while the Regulatory Council held its  tasting in the Forum Gastronomic, Álava dressed of party to celebrate at Vitoria II oil-wine fair, Enolia.

In this fair in which Alava´s products were the protagonists , wine industry experts were quick to highlight the participation of Valdeorras and Rueda wines, which did not hesitate to include as one of the best in Spain.

Thus, the quality of wines D.O. Valdeorras is coming more and more places to share its wonders with all industry enthusiasts. From the mother of wine, we will be giving full information of new celebrations which DO will be involved, so that you too can assess the quality of these wines.

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