Friday, February 11, 2011

Valdeorra´s wines last destinations

Switzerland and the United States two of the destinations of the DO Valdeorras for 2011

As we were advancing in previous publications, the commitment of the DO Valdeorras in getting their wines  arrive to all corners of the world is paid to the "semi-confirmation" of two new destinations for 2011. Switzerland and the United States are two of the international betting for this year, endorsed by the great value that have Valdeorras wines in these countries. Although insurance will be extended the offer to new countries, the Regulatory Council is currently undertaking a fiscal adjustment to offset the nearly 85,000 euros of funding for this campaign canceled. Still, the Regulatory Council's commitment is total, and allocated for this task nearly half a million euros.

These foreign destinations must be added the confirmed in Spain: the Girona gastronomic foro (end of month), Fenavin, Vinisterrae or Ferrol Wine Fair, and  presentations in Madrid (June 6, in the Palace) and the return to Barcelona, at the end of the year.

While more targets are confirmed, the mother of wine will go given full information transmitting for those who wish share in them can share them with the whole DO Valdeorras family.

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