Friday, October 29, 2010

Aging on lees settles in Galicia

The technique used in the aging on lees, while not new, is gaining strength in recent years in Galicia.

This technique, which gives the white wines more structure in the mouth and volume, is the aging of the wines after fermentation, in those parts fine of yeast dead. Through this process the wine is achieved with a longest life cycle, with more body and more complexity on the palate.

This process is optimized by the sensitive technique of "batonage" which is to suspend the lees during aging for wines with more fat, with the potential of fruit, better balance structure / fat, and above all much more stable against to oxidation.

In Valdeorras highlights several wineries producing wines using this technique, including Virxen de  Galir Godello with lees. Learn more about the winery, by clicking here.

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