Friday, October 22, 2010

Winemakers anticipated 2010 harvest produced wines with interesting quality

Madrid, 22 oct (EFE) . Spanish winemakers include a vintage "powerful" that resulted in musts and wines "very interesting" in a collection campaign that is taking its last gasps in areas of northern Spain, while Early in the southern areas the tasks have been completed.

This has been pointed to Efe industry sources, with a balance sheet in line with expectations Cooperative Agro-food and agricultural organizations Asaja, COAG and UPA, pointing to an output of about 38-40 million bushels and quality " very good "of the grape.

The president of the Spanish Federation of Winemakers and, in turn, the Association of La Rioja, Antonio Palacios, has highlighted the health "exception" of the grapes in a campaign to collect illegal by the different evolution of maturation, which will settle with 390 million kilos of grapes (+10 percent) as "very good."

The president of the Galician Association of Winemakers, José Manuel Martínez, has forecasted a record high harvest of 57 million kilos (31.5 million Rias Baixas and the rest in Ribeiro, Ribeira Sacra, Valdeorras and Monterrei), which will be 30 percent higher than 2009 and production "well compensated" in alcohol content and acidity.

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