Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Data from the 2010 harvest in Valdeorras

The official amount of grapes harvested is 4,330,292 kilos, a considerable decrease in quantity compared to last year. Not in quality, where the technical chief of the Denomination of Origin, Jorge Mazaira, described as very good quality grapes.

With the arrival of the last grapes to the winery of A Rua "Rafael Palacios" was closed in the last hours a harvest that began on September 7 Valdesil cellar.

The untimely winter devastated the area of Valdeorras this season, led the outcrop of diseases afflicting mainly the varieties Alicante and Jerez, considerably reducing its production to a figure of around 620,648 and 433,992 kilos respectively. Varieties being more significant in the region, Godello and Mencia, which better withstand the elements, maintaining production at levels similar to previous seasons with 1,737,071 and 1,515,003 kilos.

It should be noted that this vintage is the highest level of health they enjoyed the grapes at the entrance to the wineries. The fruit that managed to overcome the winter diseases, led to an optimum level of maturity due to high summer temperatures and dry endorsed by the soft rains of early September. All in all, are expected to add 2010 about wines of great quality, both in the DO Valdeorras as in the rest of designations Galicia.

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