Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rober Bodegas takes part in the Valdeorras Wine Fair

The stand-up comedian, humorist and scriptwriter Rober Bodegas confirms his attendance at Valdeorras Wine Fair, in which he will be the responsible for providing a warm welcome to all attendees for free the following 13 July, through his last monologue "El umbral de la Estupidez"(The threshold of stupidity).

With one of the most fashionable wines on the international scene as a great protagonist, the well-known Rober Bodegas - nationally renowned monologist- joins the Spanish National Radio hit program "No es un día cualquiera" to complement an event in which, apart from the wine, culture and gastronomy will play a prominent role.

And with other complementary activities that we will revel to you in the coming days, from the mother of the wine we offer you the collaboration of this memorable humorist who, besides of being one of the most prolific and dynamic figures in the world of comedy in Galicia and Spain, he has declared himself as a lover of the wines of Valdeorras.

Through his latest work, "El umbral de la Estupidez"  Rober Bodegas proposes an interesting opener with a monologue that all the attendees of the fair will be able to enjoy for free the coming Saturday, 13th at 13:00 pm  -suitable for superstitious- in the stand of the Regulatory Council of the DO Valdeorras, located in the heart of the fairground  (O Aguillón recreational area, in A Rúa de Valdeorras).

You can follow the latest and breaking news about the show in this blog, as well as Facebook and Twitter of the mother of the wine through the hashtag #comparte1valdeorras.

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