Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Godello of the DO Valdeorras appellation great attraction for the International Sector in Vinis Terrae.

Vinis Terrae, the Lounge of the Galician Wines and Spirits held last week in Expourense, closed its fifth edition after two days of intense activity for the exhibiting wineries and which had more than 500 business appointments with importers of fifteen different countries, as well as with national buyers.

This is the most professional fair of Galicia, since the only purpose of the event is to do business and open new markets, in addition of being the fair with the highest number of  importers per winery than other events of the sector, as highlighted by organizers.

In a national market in which wine consumption drops and new wineries proliferate every year, this event  helped once more to promote small and medium Galician businesses in the international market, which have expressed their satisfaction since "events like this, of small size and high level of professionalism, facilitate direct contact between the importer and the winemaker and lay the foundations for a business relationship in the short or medium term. "

For their part, importers highlighted the quality of the Galician wine and, above all, its personality:

"Galicia has all the advantages for being positioned in the foreign market with the quality segment. Nowadays there are good wines and then the cheap ones. Galicia has to be positioned within the first ones and compete for  quality, not price, since its condition of small-scale production doesn't allow this region to do it", said Bruno Murciano, one of the importers from the United Kingdom and who also stated that "although Albariño is the Galician native variety most demanded in the UK, Godello is emerging strongly."

In the Wine Fair it was also launched the wine of the winery Alan  de Val of the DO Valdeorras appellation and its winemaker, Manuel Sanchez, said the white variety godello "has landed into the American market very well, since the white wines, mainly focused on the variety Albariño, begin to be saturated and now they are receptive to alternatives, which is allowing us to access that market".

"The reds of the DO Valdeorras appellation of  varieties Mencia, Grenacha and Brancellao, are attractive to Northern Europe and the UK and, according to Sanchez, they hope to bring them into the the Brazilian market because, despite de fact that the competition is universal, as there are varieties spread throughout the world, ours are original, established and are already appreciated ".

In  this edition of Vinis Terrae participated importers of  U.S. importers (representing 27 states), UK, Holland, Brazil, Denmark and Spain, which were the countries with highest representation. In addition, the Fair was attender by buyers from Germany, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Sweden, Mexico, Portugal and Peru.

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