Monday, February 8, 2010


Rafael Palacios is the son of D. Jose Palacios Remondo (founder of Bodegas Palacios Remondo) and a passion for making white wines. After developing its first target in the family winery, Placetas, decides to create his own winery in Galicia, in Valle del Bibei, under the name of Valdeorras, where he finds some godello old vines, ideal for developing their white refined whom cultivate traditional viticulture recovering without herbicides or synthetic treatments.

Currently, Rafael Palacios has 19 fields owned. Its small size is another important characteristic, since no larger than one hectare. "Practice developed 19 different wines, wines of payment, terroir, with which then work in various assemblies," says the youngest of the Parker saga.

Located in the westernmost part of the region to the right bank of the river Bibei, its altitude ranges from 600 m. to 720 m. and distinguished by its sandy soils caused by the natural decay of granite rocks.
These soils are infertile, acidic and erodible.

This machine has been adapted slightly carved with care to structure their terraces and avoid the use of herbicides, thus recovering the traditional viticulture and historical landscape Bibei Valley.

As Sortes The wine is made from older plots ranging from 22 to 89 years cultivated terraces and steep slopes, located outside the Bibei river in the heart of this valley.

Louro is a wine that agrees with Ace Sortes geoclimatic character, soils of granitic origin and altitude of 600 m.

The parcels are located within the municipality of O Bolo where the Valley and places Bibei Chandoiro, Lentellais and Santa Cruz do Bolo.

Younger vineyards are planted in 2.004 Rafael own vineyards and older 14 to 21 years.
In making this wine grapes are also used from leased vineyards and wine grapes associated with the warehouse, also located in this county
Rafael Palacios personally controls the manufacturing process based on full respect for the identity of this land and the purity of the expression of their wines.

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