Thursday, February 18, 2010


The winemaking tradition of the Prada family originated with the beloved person of José Ramón Gayoso, vinegrower at Portela. Contrary to the custom of the time he established the first vineyard planted entirely with Godello in 1885, being convinced of the potential of this variety, which is native to Valdeorras. Little by little he expanded these small parcels of vines, or ‘Pezas’, carefully choosing the best sites around and about Portela.

In 2001 the current generation of the family began to buy back the small vineyards which had belonged to their forebear, spurred the lasting influence of that original pioneer who went against the spirit of the age in planting Pedrouzos, the oldest Godello vineyard in Galicia.

All the Godello ‘pezas’ planted by Pradas in the past have been recovered and incorporated into the family estate. Thanks to this, we have been able to carry out our own clonal selection and adopt techniques unusual in Galician viticulture, such as managing plant cover.

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