Friday, April 9, 2010

"Fiesta" of Seadur's Caves (Valdeorras)

Seadur, in the municipality of Larouco, held a year Route das Covas, a traditional feast around a total of 16 wineries that the villagers made available to participants at this conference, and has already become a call about drinking good wine and widely supported by residents of the environment.

Sources estimate that the organization sold approximately 1,200 cups with which to taste the wines from the wineries, a figure that gives an idea of what it was a busy route that did not have the cooperation of the weather.

Despite the bad day, who pushed for closer to this town had the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon in which there was no longer present the music. Different bands and pipe bands enlivened the day.

The figures are expected to participate in subsequent calls to continue increasing the number of wineries open their doors at this event.

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