Sunday, November 15, 2009


Our blog wants to open a window to the world introducing Valdeorras as the Mother of Wine capable to create a Universe in each Bottle. And this is to say that the vineyard tradition of Valdeorras dates back to Roman age. Under a Mediterranean and Oceanic climate, the Romans planted vineyards and built wineries, thus giving rise to a culture, now secular, in the care of the vineyard.

From those centuries to nowadays, the arduous journey made by growers and processors were paying off to get that, through the amount of tradition and innovation, Valdeorras wines are exported to five continents.

The region, comprised of nine municipalities (A Rua, A Veiga, Carballeda, Larouco, O Barco de Valdeorras, O Bolo, Petín, Rubiá and Vilamartín), has vineyards in all of them except A Veiga. The current 1,300 hectares of vineyards endow to Valdeorras a uniqueness and quality of their wines that make it a region where wine becomes the ultimate expression of the sense of a land, championing its essence in a bottle.

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