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Different points of view: Forum Gastronomical Santiago Compostela 2010

Well if they are different points of view the 17,000 people or 16.999, because my friend and teammate Carlos Ximenez was missing because he had his bed there to this day. In current times, where the innkeepers do nothing but complain about the decline of the sector have concluded that refer exclusively to "make safe" because once again the circumstances have given me reason and I have met a large number consumers who bring the batteries to "professionals". Great pleasure to say that because I say so! What gives?. We found a profile of consumers concerned about the quality and training, even to ask one more holiday to enjoy the event. This clashes with any professional or media outlet that after a walk of ten minutes says "no big deal", yes, if you asked about the large number of lectures, tastings and forums that developed the pair did not neither had bothered to consult the program, while this happens to others what worries us is not the same amoeba or Holy Spirit to be in several places at once.

In this edition, the city joined in the event and who knows, does someone who is not yet known Compostela?, That the color of the stone after rain in Santiago is especially beautiful, that is, it rained and hailed the four days, for then we complain that the weather is not assured. Visits to the food market, "the city's gastronomic cathedral," where there is precious, and cooks very big hand after making the purchase, get cooking. In the tasting has been a massive turnout, more than any. At the stand of the Xunta de Galicia a continuous tide of visitors who were able to meet all those products of land backed by a stamp of quality. Among others, he has welcomed the Tarta de Santiago which premiered Control Board and no longer as simple as a cross drawn on a cake. Given the extent of the event permit me me focus on my point of view.

The Ribeira Sacra at hand, a devoted audience, bottled landscapes. We're talking about one of the most important wine areas of the world where wine is defined as heroic practiced, where some vineyards accessible only by boat and where the most privileged have been able to install rails to climb the boxes to the vintage, the other option donkeys (genus ruminant) and burros and donkeys of mankind, because in reality just a mimetizándote carga.La animal challenge of this area remain ancestral varieties and viticulture that taking advantage of new technology does not abandon traditional elaborations. We enjoyed the youth of their wines, and fruit expression and become serious, and subtle minerality chip after passing through barrel. Cracks hands and faces and long silences of their wine was what we just degustando.La Romance jewelry collection that one can find along the Ribeira Sacra reminds us that the clergy has been a staunch the "Blood of Christ" .

The D.O Valdeorras we talked of home, of that entry by the ancestral and respect for human dialogue, the plant and the environment (soil, climate, ...). In this designation have made the grape godello his queen but not surprising that in that kingdom has opted for the recovery and implementation of ancestral and other red varieties have so embodied in the recent reform of its rules. Here is also made a sparkling monovarietal of godello prepared by the traditional method (second fermentation in the bottle).

A tasting that was especially interesting was the "Wine Trail", remember that this is Holy Year Compostelano.La first stop was in Navarre with a single variety of the winery Lordship Graciano de Sarria (maturity, expression, kindness and interesting notes upbringing). The stop in La Rioja is a must for pilgrims and was the 2005 Fable Bodega El Fabulista who gave encouragement to the wanderer (subtle and pervasive, poppies, liquorice and balsamic, sweetish overtones, balance and velvet in the mouth). An especially hard is the Bierzo so the wine should be fresh and sharp, the choice was Martin Sarmiento de la Bodega Martin Codax (minerals, scrubland and the pair golosidad and freshness) We went into Galicia and we know that the ways are inscrutable . Valdeorras Stop in to enjoy a glass of The Winery Costiña of Alain de Val as the sole prize of Brancellao monovarietal, say it contains the flavors of the sunrise (body, aroma, size, sweet red fruit and violets distant). If the choice of the path is to enter the North a Algueira Merenzao, another gem from Ribeira Sacra winemaking where the word is "Harmony" (marked aroma and taste of grape marc, golosidad, finesse, minerality, tannic present and distinctive personality.) If the option to stop the tasted Ribeiro is the VX is a Caco Cuvée de la Bodega Maria Alvarez Serrano (Coto de Gomariz), a G that came out from varieties like Caiño Sousón and shows a complex series aromatic, silky and amplitude.

The night we went into town to enjoy a tapas route where the famed chefs lucian Nove Panel of Chefs de Galicia (we assume that all is in the vineyard of the Lord). Have we run out of taste but has surprised us in a special way throughout the Tapería Castelao (porfin wine chords lids) and cooks "Taky" Rguez and Miguel Angel Campos. With them we enjoyed a "Tataki Galician beef marinated in a sun dried tomato and basil with parmesan Arzúa" and a "massacre on cannelloni bread cream neda and air nipple.

The next day the feeling the passage of Ferran Adria was a hive that had escaped and all chasing the queen. A buzzing background sound which were the whispers to the passage of Adria and the persecutors, the press and connoisseurs on the hunt for the Press Conference photo opportunity, dialogue, and this year's theme, the creation of the private foundation that will implement the best cocinerodel world for the third consecutive year. How could it be otherwise, uncompromising defense of Galician product, I will not get right!, In fact has become a great ambassador for such excellent raw materials and more particularly defined by him as the guru of algae, the canning Canning Antonio Muiños Porto.Muiños.

A sweet or not sweet but I can not archive the memories of these days without mentioning Ramon Morato, a chocolate artist who is more for his humility. His passion is contagious as fresh desserts and suggestive as the "Ylang, its truffle truffle" Tricky Trikki Truffle "and" Coco-Choco-Lima-Ron ", velvet on the palate.

No event is provided in which there is no contest: Innoforum which evaluated the sensory characteristics, design and original idea. The first two categories were for the winery Castrobrey Rias Baixas Ribeira do Ulla sub-area with his face down line of spirits Galician (herbal liqueur, coffee liqueur and white rum). Here everything was upside down. The innovative idea was to "Benboa" Atlantic cuisine prepared in a traditional and natural that we allow one-click buy from anywhere in Spain, a project supported by three years of research at the University of Vigo.

This has been only a few touches of the great gastronomic canvas was painted in this year's Forum in the Gastronomic Capital of Galicia.
Author Author: Mercedes González [Saturday, February 27th, 2010.]

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