Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Music, wine, pleasure and sensations are enhanced with each

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, April 29 (EFE) .- produces pleasant feelings that moderate wine consumption are integrated in the same place in the brain where music is perceived and hence there is a potentiation of both, according to Professor of Pharmacology, University of La Laguna José Boada.

This expert indicated that the relationship was even used by one of the fathers of medicine, the Greek Asclepiades to improve to the mentally ill.

José Boada has reviewed more than 300 opera librettos and folksongs documents to verify the linkage from Greek culture up to now have music and wine.

Boada taught on this subject the inaugural lecture of the Twelfth National Congress of Winemakers, to be held from 5 to 7 May in Tenerife.

In an interview with EFE, Boada said he has found that in all regions of the Mediterranean, except in Islamic Egypt and North African areas, where the influence albeit lower, there, the relationship between wine and music is evident in their folklore.

The specialist explained that the first important fusion between music and wine produced in Greece, where the god Dionysus was instituted to worship the wine and where it came to building instruments such as barbiton, which is a kind of harp that supported at the waist, dedicated exclusively to the cult of Dionysus.

Also in Roman culture, wine and music are linked to the figure of Bacchus.

Boada said that opera was born "with the genes of wine" because its origin is Greek tragedy, namely Renaissance music looked toward the past, to Greece, and incorporated into his compositions to Greek tragedy, which, according to philosopher Nietzsche's Dionysian.

For the specialist, this association was not only seen in the operas of the Mediterranean but also in the U.S., and so quoted, among others, the composer Aaron Copland in some of their operations using this combination.

He recalled that the origin of the American anthem is a toast of London at that Francis Scott Key American poet changed the lyrics and was so successful that was assumed by the U.S. Congress as the anthem of the nation.

In vocal music this link is clear, Boada said, citing musicians like Mozart, Bizet, Rossini, Verdi, Wargner, Berlioz and Donizetti, linking wine and music, as does Carlos Gardel in his tangos and Rafael Farina in flamenco.

Boada said that, while in the zarzuela, although the Spanish winemaking tradition, the link is more bland and more scarce than in opera.
Source: EFE

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